How to take care of your ITG T-shirt or Hoodie?

Faith moves mountains hoodies on a line, T shirt on a washing machine and iron


You want your new ITG T-shirt or Hoodie to last long, don’t you? Well here is how you can take care that it does:

Wash Instructions

We recommend washing at 40°C or lower. Any washing machine. Any detergent. But please no bleach. And it just makes sense not to put in your sparkling white T-shirt with your fiery red socks. 🙂

Hang out to Dry

Living in sunny South Africa, we are sure you are aware that sun can do some damage to your clothes, especially on a long term basis. Therefore we recommend you hang up your garment inside out. Sun-protected.


Steam ironing on the cotton setting works well with our products. But inside out again is a good idea, especially as you don’t want to iron directly on the print  (never a good idea if you value your t-shirt or your iron!)

** For our thicker, canvas type cushion covers, use the highest iron setting and a spray bottle to dampen (not wet) the creases while ironing. Slightly pull the cover’s edges to stretch and straighten while ironing. Remember, inside out!

Tumble Dry

We do NOT recommend tumble drying for any of our products. So resist the urge and just hang it up inside if it’s raining outside.

Dry Cleaning

We do NOT recommend dry cleaning. So save your Rands and wash at home.


There you go. Easy peasy. If you have any questions or remarks, let us know

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