Why Christian T shirts? Clothe yourselves with compassion…

Young people sitting against blue wall, laughing, wearing Christian T-shirts

It must have been only a short while after we started printing our own range of Christian T-shirts, back in 2010, that I became deeply  aware of what people were wearing. My eyes were drawn to the fonts, the logos, colours….but mostly the pictures and the messages on clothes and T-shirts. I was shocked by some of the things people were blatantly donning in public; messages of death, violence, sexual promiscuity and profanities among other things.

What are they wearing?

Being a Mom, I also became deeply concerned with kids’ clothing. Kids everywhere are wearing messages like “Little Rebel”, “Troublemaker”, “Rules don’t apply to me”, “Mommy’s Monster”, “Warning, next tantrum in 2 minutes”. Sometimes I want to stop a parent somewhere and point to the T-shirt and say: “Don’t you wonder why your child won’t listen to you?”

Why does it matter?

When I see these things, I start to see again why God laid it on our heart to start spreading His Word through Christian T shirts and Clothing. Clothes make such an impact. It’s the first thing you see on someone. Before they utter a word, you have already formed an opinion or an impression based on the statements they wear.

Of course Col 3:12 has nothing to do with actual clothes, and Jesus reminds us that it’s not the outward things that make us who we are, but the heart (Luk 6:45) And while, even choosing clothes says something about what goes on in your heart, it is ultimately our character that makes the real difference. A prince can dress in beggar’s clothes, but he will still be a prince.

What should we wear?

The same goes for us; God wants us to show the world, the good that comes out of our renewed hearts (through His Spirit Gal 5:22) in the same way we would “wear” our clothes. He wants people, even from a distance to spot us “wearing” love, compassion, kindness, humility and patience. They should be able to walk past us and “read” the messages of Jesus written on our lives. What testimony that would be to our King if we as His children would walk in love, patience and kindness everywhere we go. And wouldn’t that draw people closer to Him and spark conversations of the hope that is in us (1 Pet 3:15)

I want to ask you… What are you wearing today?

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