What happens when 1 million people come together to pray? – It’s time

Angus Buchan holding Bible

~ by Elmari Viljoen

This weekend, my family and I went up to Bloemfontein to join the historic It’s Time prayer meeting. What I experienced is hard to put into words.

About 6 weeks ago, Angus Buchan (from Faith like Potatoes) received a word from God: It’s Time. Time for Christians to come together to pray and stand up for Him in South Africa. Countless details fell into place in a matter of weeks and on the 22nd of April people from across South Africa (and even some from overseas) poured into Wilde Als Farm to seek the Lord on behalf of our country.

As we arrived in the bus, seeing thousands upon thousands gathered and more coming in on foot, in buses, cars and even helicopters brought tears to my eyes. I felt so small and incredibly privileged to be a part of this event. I felt like this will be something that we will be telling our children and grand children about someday and to be able to say :”I was there”…wow, it’s hard to put into words.



We started with worship and I could feel that God was among us. Singing, I felt drawn into God’s presence as with a slip stream. As the words spoke of His greatness and that all things are possible for Him, faith poured into my heart and tears came from my eyes.

Angus started speaking about the miracles leading up to the event. And then we started praying. As the crowd responded with loud “Amens” you could hear it echo right to the back. (From stage to the back was 1.4 kms. There were 29 delay towers fitted with screens and 600 speakers) First of all we consecrated ourselves to God. 1 million (or more?) holding hands, on their knees humbling themselves before God, repenting of our sins. I could see 2 Chron 7:14 playing out right before my eyes.

After that Angus started praying for our country, saying no in the spirit to murder, rape, sex before marriage and all that stands against the Word of God in this country. The loud Amens echoed all the way to the back.

Angus reminded us that God wants to start revival with us, using each one of us as we go back to our cities to bring Jesus to our place of influence. “Revival is people saturated with God” He said, and as he said it we could hear a group of people cheering and laughing loudly to the back of us. As we looked around there was a whirlwind going though them, lifting up umbrellas, flags into the air. The wind moved forward and went through our group. As we held onto our umbrellas and hats, I was overwhelmed with awe and wonder and excitement as I saw the evidence of God’s Spirit among us. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. The wind continued to move forward until it reached the stage. As far as it went you could see umbrellas and balloons flying.

God was among us, there is no doubt about that. As even as we went from the place, I am completely in awe of our God, so big and loving that He wants to get involved with us, reaching out to us in such a tangible way.

I don’t know what you think of when you look at our country and what’s been going on, but one thing is certain to me – God is intervening and He is doing and about to do something that will shake this country like never before (in a good way!)

So what can you do? No revival in history has ever started without prayer. Angus encouraged us all to continue praying like never before. Teachers, start praying at your schools. Business men, start to open your work days with prayer and the Word. Pastors and leaders, mobilize your people to get on their knees. Fathers, call your families together to pray.

God is about to do something incredible in our country and even if you weren’t in Bloemfontein on Saturday –  make every effort to be a part of it!

For more photos and info, check out the Angus Buchan facebook page – click here

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