The Power of Words – Rice Experiment

(You can try this at home kids!)

After hearing about this experiment from a friend, I was very keen to try this for myself. You see, the Bible says:  “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it, will eat its fruit” (Prov 18:21) but is it possible to scientifically prove this?Power of Words - Rice Experiment

The answer is Yes! And after a month of speaking ” life and death” over  two small jars of rice we saw the massive impact and realized for ourselves what power there is in our tongues.

Here’s what we did (and how you can do it too)

* On a day that we had some rice for lunch, we took some of the leftovers and put them in two clean jars that looked exactly alike. (You can sterilize them both if you like)

* We randomly labeled the one “Mooi” (Afrikaans for Beautiful) and the other one “Sleg” (Afrikaans for Bad)

* We then started speaking to our rice every day. To the “Good Rice” we would say things like : “You are looking so beautiful today! Wow, how white you look. We really like you. You are wonderful!” To the “Bad Rice” we would say things like: “You stink! Look how terrible you look. I’m sure you taste awful. I hate you.”

After 2 weeks we could already see a difference. The “Good Rice” was still white and pretty, while the “Bad Rice” was starting to cake together and turning slightly brown and mouldy. A month later the change was unmistakable – the “Good Rice” was still looking great, while the “Bad Rice” was mouldy and rotten. We stopped speaking to it after a month (knowing our experiment was a success) but even two months along the line the difference is still there, showing that the effect of our words is really lasting!

This is such a simple experiment, but it really impacted me. To see the effect of my own words, every day, really made me think about what I say about other people, myself and my circumstances. I realized that I have the power to curse or to bless. Wow, what an awesome responsibility…and opportunity. If our words can do this to rice, what can it do to people?

And now I want to challenge you; God has given us this incredible gift, power of life and death – how will you use it today?

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