The Power of Good News

Outreach Team with Good News Christian T shirts on standing together
The Power of Good News
~ By Riaan Viljoen
 A year ago I went on Outreach to Zambia with a team from my church. One day we went to do evangelism on the streets. We went out excited and tried to talk to a lot of people we saw in the market place. However, although the people seemed polite, there was no real openness to the gospel. Everyone we spoke to either already knew God or said only what they thought we wanted to hear. There had been many missionaries to this area in the past and it seemed like people only “played along” in order to get something. At the end of the day we were discouraged, not really having seen any impact.
The next day, having prayed for strategy, we went out again, but this time we trusted that God would send people to us. As a team we were all wearing Good News T-shirts. As we walked through the market place, many people approached us to ask “What is this Good News on your T-shirts?”. This gave us an opening to speak to many people and as we prayed with them they were really open to what we wanted to say.
We are grateful to God for using T-shirts as a tool to spread the gospel.

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