Christian T-shirt Evangelism Survey Results!

Black Christian T shirt with white print: Declare Jesus is Lord, Believe He was raised from the dead and be saved, Romans 10ve that He was raised from the dead and be saved


Christian T-shirt Evangelism Survey Results are in!

We were interested in knowing if Christian T-shirts really do make a difference in the world and so we took a short survey to find out.

So without further ado, here are the results

* 72.7 % of survey respondents confessed to regularly wearing Christian Clothing while 45.5 % has bought a Christian Clothing item online

*When asked about the response they received when they wore the T-shirt:

  • 54.5% said they received encouragement from other believers because of the T-shirt’s message
  • 27.3 % responded that at least one unbeliever asked about the T-shirt’s message
  • while only 9 % received criticism because of the T-shirt
  • and 9% did not receive a response at all
* More than half  54.5%  reported sharing their faith with someone at least once, because of wearing a Christian T-shirt
while 9 % reported to have shared their faith many times because of wearing a Christian T-shirt.
*Although 70% have not had the opportunity yet to lead someone to Christ because of sharing their faith in such a way, 10% reports that they have led more than one person to Christ because of such a conversation.
* 72.7% of survey respondents hopes that by wearing a Christian T-shirt, the message will be an encouragement to those who read it, while 45.5 % reports loving wearing Christian T-shirts because it expresses their opinions and beliefs
Well, there you go!
So Christian T-shirts might or might not be your thing, but one thing is for sure, it does not go unnoticed!
I, for one, still believe that God uses this mighty tool to touch lives and use us to share our faith and bring encouragement to those who need it.

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