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Lets Talk about Jesus street ministry van and people

Lets Talk about Jesus street ministry van and people

Why we do what we do

From the start, one of our main reasons for making Christian Clothing, has been to give believers a tool for sharing the Good News about Jesus with a lost and dying world. 
Our church has recently started a street ministry and we printed some striking “Let’s talk about Jesus” hoodies and T-shirts to spark some conversations. This is a beautiful testimony from a friend of ours, about wearing her Hoodie.

So, Lets talk about Jesus!

“This morning I had breakfast with a friend at a coffee shop in Plattekloof. I was wearing my “Let’s talk about Jesus” street ministry hoody (as the one in the pic). We really had a good time speaking about Jesus, speaking into each other’s lives and praying. When we were about to leave, our waitress looked at me and said: “I really like you hoody…Lets talk about Jesus”. So I told her: “So lets talk about Jesus. Do you know Him? Do you have a relationship with Him”? She then told me about her struggles and nightmares and right there and then Jesus created an opportunity for me to be used as His instrument to pray for her and to speak into her life.
The funny thing about the hoody is that I was “reluctant” to wear it, but God told me to get out of my comfort zone. I was outside of Mossel Bay, without my street ministry saints’ support and in a foreign city – but I overcame fear of man by proclaiming Jesus as my alpha & omega by wearing the hoody and He blessed me with someone who was inquisitive and to whom I could spread the gospel.
It’s extremely exciting to be an obedient daughter of our King!”
Do you have an evangelistic heart, looking for a tool to spark conversations about Jesus? Check out our “Let’s talk about Jesus T-shirt” HERE


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