How do Dinosaurs fit in with the Bible?

Two Dinosaurs walking: How do Dinosaurs fit in with the Bible blog post? Genesis 1v25

Recently, I’ve been learning a lot about Creation. And one of the most common questions people ask are: “Do Dinosaurs fit in with what the Bible teaches?” By truly embracing the truths in Scriptures and studying the teachings I have gotten from our Bible School, I really believe that dinosaurs were indeed created with humans and other living things and absolutely fit into what the Bible teaches.

Of course most people believe, according to secular science, evolution theories and apparent fossil dating, that dinosaurs lived millions (and millions) of years ago, and that they were roaming the earth before God created people and other animals. But this creates a problem; this means thatdeath (remember according to evolution all the dinosaurs died) came before sin. And the Bible clearly says that death entered the world because of (man’s) sin.

1 Cor 15:21-22 For since death came through a man,the resurrection of the dead comes also through a Man.  For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive

Dinosaurs were land animals, right? Well, the Bible says that Land animals and other living animals were made on day 6. Which day 6? you may ask.

This is interesting. Man has always interpreted everything through his own belief system. In other words, most people first believe something and then when reading Scripture they try and make the Bible fit their belief, instead of trying to make their belief fit Scripture. And the core belief which people are trying desperately to reconcile with Scripture is that the earth is millions and millions of years old. Even Bible Translations have been changed to try and fit in with this idea. But where did this idea come from? Before the 1700’s no one would have questioned the Bible’s timeline (of approximately 6 000 years) and even today if you ask any Jew to interpret the original Hebrew text of Genesis there is no question that it was written to mean a literal 6 day (24 hour period) Creation.

Remember that the enemy’s purpose is the same since the beginning of time – he wants to draw us away from God by lying to us, or casting doubt on what God has said. Remember how he approached Eve: Did God really say…? He is using the same tactic today! He is casting doubt on the Word of God. Because think about it. If you can’t believe the Bible’s account of Creation, can you really believe that Jesus came to take your sin away?

Believing that the Bible is absolutely true (and showing others the truth of it) is more important today than any other time in history. Millions of people are on the road of destruction because they think the Bible is a fairy tale. We have got to know and proclaim the truth. But am I asking you to just blindly believe and trust that the Bible is true while apparent scientific evidence is screaming something else? No. I am saying that if you are willing to open yourself up to the fact that you might have been lied to, and if you are willing to do your own (thorough) research into the matter, that you might just find a mountain of evidence that the Bible is true and can be trusted 100%.

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