Covid-19 – An opportunity for the gospel like never before!

Covid-19 Young man with Christian T-shirt

Young man with Christian T-shirt looking away from world with covid-19 to people worshiping Jesus

Early in January when my husband started reading articles online about the Covid-19 virus that broke out in Wuhan, China I was only half-interested. I could not understand why he would want to know everything about the spread and effect of this sickness. I was convinced that down here in sunny South Africa, we would remain untouched and life would go on as normal.

How wrong I was.

Covid-19 has since spread globally at a rapid pace and affected roughly 92% of countries worldwide. Most of the world right now is experiencing a forced lockdown or quarantine and people, economies and businesses all over are suffering because of it. I’m not sure any of us can say that we have been untouched by this pandemic. I’m also becoming more and more certain that in a very real way, our world and our lives will never be the same again after this.

The good, that came out of it

Yes, this pandemic and lockdown has severely shaken most of us, and understandably there are fears and concerns about the future. But, there has also come a lot of good out of it so far:

  • Families have come together and are enjoying quality time with each other
  • South African political parties have united in one purpose; to stop this disease
  • Our lives have slowed down and we are getting back to the most important things
  • Many are experiencing a shift in their priorities, valuing people and life again over money and stuff.
  • We are coming back to a place of dependence on God for our daily bread

What is also emerging is an incredible openness to the gospel of Jesus. People, everywhere are shaken and scared and they are looking outside of themselves for answers to their fears. At the same time, I am greatly encouraged by the Church and Christians standing up for their faith, sharing testimonies and making the most of opportunities to lead others to Jesus. The seeds of revival are in the air, and if we jump in and help, sow, water and harvest, we will be amazed at what our God can do through us.

So, how can you play your part?


God loves it when we  pray and He responds when we come to Him and pour out our hearts. Now, I know you are already bring your concerns and fears to Him (right?) So how about adding these two daily prayers:

  1. Father, I lay my friends and family who do not know You, before You. Open their hearts and ears to the gospel and use me and others to share the love of Jesus with them.
  2. Father, show me what I can do today to reach out to someone and show them the love of Jesus.

Encourage someone today

This morning, I was having one of those days. You know the ones I mean. The porridge didn’t come out right, the kids were hectic, the house a mess. My plans for the day were already not working out. I was overwhelmed, tired and miserable (and it wasn’t even 9am yet!)

Then a friend sent me a whatsapp message: “How are you? You’re on my heart this morning?” I almost cried. Just that simple act of love, and knowing that God sees me and loves me so much that He speaks to someone about me, encouraged me and comforted me.

How many times a day do you randomly think of someone and then just go on with your day. Next time, do this simple thing. Stop. Pray for that person and ask God how you can encourage them today. Maybe it’s just a whatsapp message, maybe a Scripture or a prophetic word. Maybe a video call.

It might be a small thing for you, but it can be huge to that person who needs the encouragement.

[ INTERLUDE: Testifying and encouraging others are also some of the main reasons that we wear and promote Christian Clothing! To read more about why we do what we do; click HERE]


If you are reading this, you most probably have a tool in your hand right now that can help you make the difference of eternity to someone today. Yep, a smart phone doesn’t look very spiritual, but in the times we live in (#socialdistancing…) using it for the Kingdom can bring someone to Jesus.

How? Easy, take your coffee and your phone. Find a quiet place in the house. Open up your camera and flip that screen. Now click that record button and TESTIFY! Make a video of how you found Jesus, what difference He has made in your life. What He has done in your life this week.

And then share to Facebook.

In the week, I heard of someone who did this one simple thing and invited her Facebook friends to respond with a message if they would like prayer or find out more about Jesus and through this she had the opportunity to lead her friend to the Lord. Why not you?

Click here for a short video with some practical, helpful tips on leading someone to Jesus.

In conclusion

We are living in one of the most uncertain, but also one of the most exciting times in history.  Don’t let it just pass you by.  This not the time to back down, get comfortable on your couch and catch up on Netflix. This is the time to stand up and be counted.

God has a special purpose for you right now.  How about asking Him what He wants to use you for today?

“…And who knows whether you have not come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?” ~Esther 4:14 ESV


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