Blending in, or standing out?

One light figure standing out between other dark figures

When I think about the plan of God for His people, and the fact that He made us into His image, it amazes me how much faith He puts in His creation. Astounding really! He is actually looking for people to reflect Him on earth.

Yet we know how easy it is to just go with the flow of life. When we feel tired, drained and stressed, we tend to give into the pressures of circumstances and situations. But He call us to be His peculiar people! A People who chooses to be different and to stand out in a crowd. A People persistent in faith and forgiveness. A People living in joy instead of anger, in love instead of hate.

I am not saying this is easy, but then again it’s not supposed to be, otherwise everyone would choose this road.

Everyday life like mortgages, deadlines, school fees, social standing does not make it any easier, but for us to reflect God on this earth He desires for us to do everything according to His standards and not according to our own perceptions. Our own perceptions will prevent us from seeing what He desires for us and who we truly are; His peculiar people!

In the Old Testament, we see proof when God’s people wanted an earthly king (not God). They saw other nations follow a king and they wanted to be like them. They told the prophet Samuel to tell God they wanted a king like all the other people. They wanted to blend in, to look like everybody else. God warned them what the king would do to them in the future, but they still wanted a king. They did not want to be a weird, odd looking nation, so they unfortunately paid the price for their decision. Sad but true!

God’s original plan for Israel was that He will be their King and they will be His people. He wanted them to be a special nation, one that other nations would envy.  It made Him sad that they did not want Him as their King and even though He knew it would hurt them in the end, He gave them what they wanted.  And although they knew what that king would do to them in the future they still persisted in their decision.

The good news is that Father God still desires to be our King and want us to be His peculiar people, but He still leaves this choice up to His creation. We must choose whether we want to blend in or stand out for Him!

Even though it may cost me, I want to be His peculiar people, how about you?

1 Pet 2: 9 (KJV) But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous light;

~ by Ronelle Moolman

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