5 Reasons I love Festivals and 1 Reason I don’t…

Christian Clothing and T-shirt stall at Festival

After 5 years of putting up In the Gap Clothing stalls at markets and Festivals all over the country, I have had my fair share of Festival Fun. And I still love going….uhm…most of the time. Here are my reasons why I love South African Festivals:

1. A Great Family Outing

South African Festivals really have something for everyone. Great food stalls for dad, craft market for mom and crazy rides and fun activities for the kids. I love watching families come for the day, pushing the pram, talking and having fun. And my favourite Family Festival would have to be the Strawberry Festival, yearly at the Redberry Farm in George. Great activities for the family from picking your own strawberries to getting lost in a maze.

2. Pancakes

Yes. Really! I don’t what makes market pancakes so yummy, but there is just something really great about walking with a handful of pancakes browsing different stalls. Of course if you’re not a pancake fan, there are loads of other yummy foods to choose from. Some of my favourites are pizza cones (yep, pizza in a cone….excellent idea!) and doughfills (a delicious fried dough with caramel inside)….mmm…now my mouth is watering!

3. One of a kind Products

 Yes, there are some “made in China” stalls with your regular kids toys or fake name brand T-shirts, but over all there are some really creative and unique products that will awe and inspire you. It makes me really excited to see the genuine South African Entrepreneurs rise up to the occasion and present their ideas. I have seen some amazing products that you definitely won’t find at your local mall.  Just check out this genius “digger loader” for kids on the right      – >

4. Fun Festive Atmosphere

You don’t see people  in a bad  mood at Festivals (They probably stayed home anyway). With Festive music, friendly people, lots to do, it feels like a party happening.

5. You get to meet really great people

We have traveled all over and have met some really great people at Festivals and markets. Some of them have stalls of their own and it feels like a reunion when you see them again at another Festival. Others are wonderful clients who came to our stall and started a conversation. I am really grateful to have met them all.

6. When the weather is fine…

Yep, and there it is. When the weather is good, a festival can be great…..BUT… I can tell you that when it’s raining (and I love rain actually!) I prefer to stay at home. Nope… a wet, muddy, cold market day…trying to get T-shirts out of the rain and toddler out of the mud is definitely not my idea of fun!

What do you like about markets and Festivals?

Which South African Festivals would you recommend? Please comment below.

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